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Our mission is to create and maintain the highest standards of Pilates teaching and health coaching for each individual by creating specific programmes to help correct  posture and improve health for each and every individual’s needs.

I’m Courtney Smith, founder and owner of Power Pilates Studios in Westville and Durban North.

After teaching at DC Pilates on the South Coast for almost 2 years I decided I wanted to expand and build a successful Pilates business and brand of my own as the South Coast was becoming very limited for me. I also wanted to expand the awareness of STOTT Pilates because I believe this Pilates method works well for all people, from the most advanced athlete to the pre or postoperative individual.

I saw a need and opportunity by moving to Durban, so in 2012 I made the move and I started Power Pilates studio in Westville. It took some time to grow the business and find the perfect team to work with but it was worth all the effort because now our team of instructors are great, all very similar, yet individually different.

We all share the same vision for the business as well as for our clients.

In keeping with my vision for my business, I recently (2016) opened another branch of Power Pilates Studio in Durban North.

Courtney Smith Power pilates studio owner

Ph: 073 569 9075

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Courtney Smith – Founder and Owner

I was born in Durban but lived most of my life in Johannesburg. As far back as I can remember I have been always been active, whether it was being one of the top sprinters at school, riding our horses on our plot or enjoying hockey and netball, I was always outdoors doing something active. In my later teens I became enthralled with gym and everything that encompasses the fitness industry. I became so intrigued by biology in school and how the human body and mind function. I was so fascinated and amazed by how the mind works that at one stage I considered studying psychology. However, under my father’s guidance, I decided not to pursue this profession as I tend to take everything to heart and this would ultimately affect my emotional outlook. Instead I did a self-study on how we understand how the mind works. I still knew that I was passionate about people’s wellbeing and that I still wanted to work with, and help people ultimately make a meaningful difference to their lives.

I also have a very creative side, thanks to my mother who is a talented artist. I studied fashion design after school at LISOF in Rosebank. Although I loved designing the fashion industry was not for me.
After moving to the South coast I started designing and making matric dance dresses and supplying DC Pilates Studio with a range of Pilates gear and this is when I absolutely fell in love with Pilates and into a new career! Since then my designing has taken a back seat and I have whole heartedly invested my time and efforts into Power Pilates Studios and the Stott Pilates Method!
Pilates is the perfect combination of mind + body + exercise that focuses on helping people that works well whether it’s a one on one session or even in a group setting.

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